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If you’re following the news about Doctor Who’s welcome return in November you’ve probably seen mention of Beep the Meep. Here’s all you need to know about the deceptively cute and cuddly alien.

Beep the Meep is a fictional alien from Doctor Who. Beep originated as a comic strip character in the pages of Doctor Who Magazine, and later appeared in audio dramas produced by Big Finish Productions. The cute and cuddly appearance of Beep the Meep — a round, furry biped with large, expressive eyes and long ears — belies his true nature as a malevolent, homicidal would-be conqueror and dictator.

Beep first appeared in the 1980 comic strip Doctor Who and the Star Beast, written by Pat Mills and John Wagner and drawn by Dave Gibbons, which ran in issues #19-#26 of Doctor Who Weekly. In the story, Beep is the leader of the Meeps, an advanced and peaceful race who lived in harmony and happiness until radiation from their planet’s orbit passing by a Black Sun mutated them into an aggressive, expansionist species who began to mercilessly conquer and subjugate other planets. Beep himself was transformed into a ruthless tyrant, and led his people on a campaign of galactic conquest.

The Doctor and his companions encountered Beep and the Meeps when they crash-landed on Earth. Beep initially disguised himself as a harmless alien, but his true nature was soon revealed. The Doctor and his friends were able to defeat Beep and the Meeps, and Beep was imprisoned in the Time Lord’s TARDIS.

Beep the Meep has since made several appearances in Doctor Who spin-off media, including audio dramas and novels. He is a popular character among fans, and is often cited as one of the most memorable villains from the show’s long history.

In 2023, Beep the Meep will make his live-action debut in the show’s upcoming 60th anniversary special voiced by the incomparable Miriam Margolyes!




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