Apple TV listing for Doctor Who's Myth Makers
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Hands up who remembers the Omnirumour? That was a jolly good time, wasn’t it? One minute every missing episode of every show ever has been returned and is sitting in a warehouse in Liverpool, the next it’s two episodes of Morecambe & Wise and a battered old print of the Potter’s Wheel.

Well, here we go again. There has been a lot of discussion on Doctor Who fan forums over the past couple of weeks about an announcement made by Phil Morris at a recent Dr Who convention. The papers are calling him the film world’s Indiana Jones. Which is weird because Indiana Jones is the film world’s Indiana Jones. But anyway.

Then, at the start of this week, the streaming service Britbox’s Doctor Who section via Apple TV was updated with a selection of new Doctor Who episodes as placeholders. But these aren’t just any episodes. Every single one is missing. And yet, there they are on the site menu: Two episodes of The Myth Makers, two of The Smugglers, one of The Highlanders and three of The Space Pirates. None of these episodes are available on Britbox itself, just via the Apple TV link. Weird, huh?

We’ve no idea whether this is a mistake, a prank or an exclusive treat in Doctor Who’s 60th year but it’s fun to allow hope once more to creep in, don’t you think?

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